The HMS Interloper (SD-460) is a chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy: Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, based out of Muncie, Indiana. 

Our chapter is a virtual one with members in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, California, Florida, Canada, and South Africa. We are part of the 2nd Fleet which encompasses Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada. 

​The Royal Manticoran Navy: Official Honor Harrington Fan Association is a fan club that follows David Weber's Honorverse series of novels. 


Most chapters are run by either the Royal Manticoran Navy, Grayson Space Navy, or Imperial Andermani Navy with Marine Detachments attached to the Navy Chapters and Army units attached to the ground.

TRMN members currently include over 6,700 people from 47 countries/territories! We are not only fans of the Honorverse but also cosplayers, gamers, sci-fi fans and, in general, geeks. We enjoy gathering together for the camaraderie and we love to support all kinds of charities. Join today it's free!


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